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RV Tips

Safety and Protection: Care-RV recommends at least 2 smoke / carbon monoxide detectors, a propane detector, and an up-to-date fire extinguisher. Care-RV can provide and install these safety items.


Air Conditioning: The triple-digit Texas heat will soon be baking our RVs, stressing our A/C units beyond their intended purpose. Give you’re A/C unit a fighting chance by cleaning the A/C filter every 30 days. Have you’re A/C unit professionally serviced and cleaned, including the coils and fins.


Furnace: For efficiency  and safety, have your RV furnace system professionally cleaned and serviced annually.


Water Heater: Have your RV water heater professionally serviced, cleaned, and flushed annually. Replace the anode rod and pressure relief valve as required. Consider a tankless water heater.


Electrical systems: Your RV has two separate electrical systems, 120-volt AC and 12-volt DC. Have your RV electrical systems checked annually. Change all light bulbs to energy-saving LED bulbs. Have your 12-volt house batteries checked.


Roof: Have your roof checked annually for wear and tear, failure at seams, and sealants.


Propane system: Danger, danger, danger! Your entire propane system should be checked annually, including tanks, cylinders, regulators, piping, connections, and all gas appliances—furnace, refrigerator, stove, and water heater. Only a trained, licensed and certified RV propane technician can legally and safely perform this service. Care-RV is licensed and certified by the State of Texas to perform these services.



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